What is my ticket into the festival?

Your ticket to the 7 Mile Bluegrass Festival is 2 Cans of non Parishable Food for donation to the Chillicothe VA Hospital.

Are you allowed to bring Golf Carts and 4 Wheelers?

Golf Carts Yes!

Four Wheelers No!

Are you allowed to dance?

All audience members are required to be seated while in the concert area. There will be a DESIGNATED DANCE AREA for y’all who desire.

After you enter the festival, are you allowed to leave then come back?

Yes! Once you enter the gates, and give your cans to the helper up front, you may leave and re-enter. Just let our helpers know you are leaving.

Do you have to pay extra money to camp ?

No! Your ticket in Full is two cans of food. This includes camping. There is NO EXTRA FEE for camping.

When are we allowed to pull in and set up our campsite?

Our gates DO NOT open until 10:00AM on August 1st. But we will have the owners of the property and a few of our helpers on site a few days prior. You May pull your campers in then. MORE DETAILS ON THIS LATER!!!

Are you allowed to have a Campfire?

Yes! We will have some firepit rings there but we may run out so be prepared.

Can we bring our FurrBabies?

Yes! Pets will be permitted on grounds just not in the Concert Area. ALSO you must have a leash on at all times!

Do you need 2 Cans of food per person?


Will there be food on site?

Yes! There will be plenty of Vendors on site. We will have a huge variety of different foods. BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER.